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Ceri | The Gubbio candles race: a centuries-long tradition

Ceri | The Gubbio candles race: a centuries-long tradition

Everything is ready for the traditional race of the “Ceri di Gubbio”, one of the oldest Italian folk festivals, most likely celebrated since 1160, the year of the death of the patron Saint Ubaldo.

The program, while remaining unchanged in its salient stages, every year involves passionately the Eugubini, true testimony to the strength of belonging of a population to its history and its traditions: the main objective is the celebration of Sant'Ubaldo, Patron Saint of Gubbio.

Although the Ceri are the protagonists of the festival, are the ceraioli the true soul: for every eugubino DOC bring the Cero at least once in a lifetime is a matter of honor and respect, although before the choice of the Cero was handed down from father to son is now more free, but continue to live the paternal subsidiaries as well as the choices of ancestors who, since the birth of the male descendants, begin to make him live the event fully.

In fact, they also organize the race of the “Ceri mezzani” (where to run are the teenagers) and the race of the “Ceri piccoli” (with the protagonists of the small potters): a tradition that begins from the most tender generations and arrives to grow out of proportion, feeding the pride of the future potters of tomorrow.